Before using, you should be a responsible user and ensure that you are aware of all the rules of this website. Respect the rights of others and avoid violating copyrights.

  • You do not need to pay anything for any content on; it is designed only for you to learn about the things that interest you on this platform.
  • We do not take any responsibility for whatever information has been conveyed to you on this website, whether it is correct or incorrect, or whether the information you want to receive is related to it or not, because we have delivered it to you without any modification.
  • I want to tell you that you use the content of this website at your own risk. The website will not be responsible for any damage or problems. Our first effort is to ensure that the information delivered to you is correct. But we have many employees working on this website, so any mistake can be made by anyone, which is not a big deal, so you are informed to confirm and act first.
  • Every person who uses the internet can benefit from whatever content is available on our platform without paying any money. Because our first goal is to provide information to you, not to earn money from you, you can contact our management without hesitation if you see any content on our website that is not completely correct.
  • Our website contains an app that we only provide a link to and are not the developers of, so you can use it as you wish. Our company will not be responsible for any damage. Therefore, before using this application, you should carefully read its cautions, so that if it has some minor damage, you will be able to avoid it.
  • There will be no guarantee from our side that whatever is being provided to you on this website will always be there. There is no full guarantee that we will fix all the problems that you will face, but we will definitely try to improve them.
  • There are some links on that take you to other websites that have no dealings with us. All this is provided for your help only; it does not mean that we take the guarantee of the other websites, so you will be responsible for any benefit or loss from them.
  • It is your responsibility to know whether the content on is legal or not. So share any content, keeping in mind that you are not violating anyone’s copyrights.
  • Make sure that if you transact files with another user, we will not be responsible for it, but you can proceed with your guarantee. Our platform is not interested in your transactions, so please thoroughly investigate any content you are giving or receiving.
  • Our team is constantly working to improve the content on so that we can take action on illegal content. We are not responsible for the actions of any third party, whether they are accidental or intentional. What I mean to say is that if any third party causes any harm by using the content on this website, then they will be responsible, not our management.
  • When you visit the website, the ads that are displayed will be the responsibility of the advertising company; we only give them a platform so that they can do their branding. For example, if you see an advertisement for something and order it, and the advertiser takes money from you but does not deliver the goods, then you will be responsible for it and not us. Therefore, we do not take any guarantee for the availability of this product or the promises made in it.
  • provides a place for users to interact with other users but is not responsible for the content posted on the site. Users must post responsible and relevant content and be aware that their content may be viewed by other users.
  • It is our request that you share only the content on this website for which you have copyright and legal permission and that it is not violated. If you see any content here that violates copyright, you can report it to our administration.
  • All the content that is published on our website is checked by our moderators; the content that is right is allowed to remain as it is, and the content that violates the law is modified. Therefore, if there is any illegal content in this modified content, we will be responsible, and we are not liable for what has not been modified.
  • Our management reserves the right to change its terms and conditions from time to time and does not require the consent of users. This means we can delete the old terms and insert new ones.
  • Management reserves the right to ban any user or group from without their permission if any user posts illegal content or attempts to harass another user.
  • The administration has the right to remove all external or internal links that are misleading or spamming anyone or that contain obscene content without informing the users. The purpose of this is to protect your website from viruses and malware and its users from any unethical behavior.
  • You are our respected users; you should use the content correctly and not infringe on the copyright. If any user steals copyrighted content, he or she will face legal action. Therefore, any copyrighted material on this platform is the property of its original owners, who have the original right to use it. The administration can use the content on this website as per their wish, but users must get permission before using it.
  • It is also your responsibility to keep in mind that the content of this website is not being used for any illegal work. Modifying the content on this website without the will of the administration may violate the law of this country. Therefore, you should research the laws regarding the use of information in that country and also make sure that they are being followed or not.
  • Because you are our respected user, it is our responsibility to satisfy you. Therefore, I would like to ask that you agree that if there is any illegal activity on this website for any reason, it will be resolved according to Russian law. Apart from that, the words of any other court will not be accepted.
  • Since the use of the website does not involve a commercial service or sale, the consumer protection laws that apply to purchases will not apply to the use of this website. This means that our administration will not be held responsible for any loss caused to users. Users are responsible for using the website and ensuring that they do not commit any illegal activities. So you should read its terms and conditions carefully before using it, and then use it at your own risk.
  • If a user violates the rules of the website, the administration will not take immediate action. So we can take steps for protection later. Our silence does not mean that we have turned away from them.
  • If the Russian Federation refuses to accept some of our laws, it does not mean that all our laws have been ignored; the rest of the rules and regulations will remain the same.
  • The user assumes all liability that may arise as a result of his use of the website. This may involve legal issues, damages, or other problems. Users should read the terms and conditions of the website carefully and ensure that they can follow them.
  • The administration of the website has the right to modify the rules it has made at any time; for this, it does not need to get permission from the user. Secondly, these modifications can be implemented at any time, so users should be aware of this. If you do not agree, you can stop using this website. By continuing to use this website, you agree to all of its terms.

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