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WhatsApp Plus APK

Could the official WhatsApp meet only some of the requirements you want in communication? So, check out this cool and modified app: WhatsApp Plus, which contains features not in the official app. If they are available in others, they are not free, whereas this software provides fully unlocked features.

It is a mod version of the original WhatsApp, with which you can customize themes and much more. It is a premium app and the future of communication, where you can send messages in bulk and save time. More than 1.5 billion people have used it, which puts it on the map.

Why is Plus Whatsapp winning hearts?

It was launched in 2012, reflecting its developers’ hard work, who are still trying to improve it. A new feature has been added to it, in which you can hide blue ticks. It takes users’ privacy to a higher level, which increases the trustworthiness of the app. The best UI/UX design of wa Plus attracts users like a magnet. One of the weak points of the app is that it is not available on the Google Play Store, so you must find a trusted site that provides the updated download link for Android.

WhatsApp Plus VS Official WhatsApp

What You Need To Know Before Installing

Operating System:

It is especially available for Android and works appropriately on Android 5.0 or above.

Storage Space:

Your device must contain at least 100 MB of free space.

Internet connection:

A strong Wi-Fi or data connection is needed to run the app smoothly on your device.


You must give some permissions, like a device camera, microphone, free storage, etc.

features of whatsapp plus

If the name WhatsApp Plus is considered, then Plus comes with WhatsApp. Plus, an edition has more features than the official version. Here is detail information about the features of the app:

Font Styles

More than 20 font styles are available, which can be changed as you wish. It creates an interest in messaging compared to the limited old fonts used for many years.

Advance Cleaner

Your device’s performance can be improved using this feature. For example, if your device has a lot of old data you don’t need right now, it’s overloading your app. So you can kick out these unnecessary data using Advance Cleaner, and your device will start working smoothly.

Download Status

WhatsApp status informs the contacts about the daily routine. In the official version, you can only see the status, but in normal WhatsApp Plus, it can be downloaded.

Visibility Controls

This feature is used to hide your availability, which plays an essential role in securing your privacy. You can hide your online status, last seen, and blue ticks.

Different Emoji Styles

Emojis convey ideas as a little image, which can be difficult to send by typing, but it can make this task easier. You can send ideas to others using only these small images. This app has 10 new styles compared to other mod messengers, giving it a modern look.

Remove Restrictions

Whats Plus allows users to transfer or receive data at any number. So you can send as many messages, photos, or videos as you want. The gold standard is that the quality of your media will not be compromised.

Anti-Delete Message

Do you want to see the deleted messages of any contact? So here is a built-in feature that allows you to read deleted messages.

Themes Support

You can customize everything using various themes, chat colours, font styles, and notification sounds. You can even make your own custom theme, or there are pre-built themes that give a different look to Plus APK.

What’s New In The Latest Version, V17.80?

Check out some new features not present in the earlier versions that have been added to the new version. One of the most valuable benefits is the ability to customize the theme. Additionally, you will be able to share large files. With all these, you can make your conversation more secure and private. So, here are some more functions packed into the latest version.


V 17.80

Base Update:

  • [Added] Ghost Mode: While Ghost Mode Is Active, Your Actions Will Be Invisible To Everyone. Your Last Seen Is Freezed, Other People Will Think You Didn’t Receive The Messages, Opened Messages Will Not Turn Blue, And You Can View Statuses Secretly
  • [Added] See Message Edit History
  • [Added] Option To Show/Hide Ghost Mode Icon
  • [Added] Option To Show Night/Light Icon On Home
  • [Added] Custom Media Download Control For Each Chat
  • [Added] WhatsApp Old UI Style (MOD Settings > Home > Header > Home UI Style)
  • [Improved] Anti-Ban Protection
  • [Enabled] New Settings UI
  • [Enabled] Media Preview Feature
  • [Enabled] Adjust Group Permissions
  • [Enabled] Return Original Tabs Order
  • [Enabled] Multiple Accounts On Same Devices
  • [Enabled] About With Expiry (24hr, 3 Days, 1 Week)
  • [Enabled] Option To Approve New Group Members Before Joining
  • [Enabled] Create Profile @Username, Wait For Server Activation
  • [Enabled] Add Email Address To Your Account (Settings > Account)
  • [Fixed] Search In Calls
  • [Fixed] IOS14 Entry Style
  • [Fixed] Crash On Some Phones
  • [Fixed] Anti-View Once Issues
  • [Fixed] Crash On Older Devices
  • [Fixed] Storage Issue In Android 14
  • [Fixed] Space When Scrolling, Some UI
  • [Fixed] Rounded Entry Recording Audio
  • [Fixed] Swipe Row Features Not Working
  • [Fixed] Bubble Bottom Bar Random Crash
  • [Fixed] Hide View Status On Some Phones
  • [Fixed] Android 14+ Theme Download Issue
  • [Fixed] Android 14+ Backup/Restore Issue
  • [Fixed] Custom Privacy For Business Chats
  • [Fixed] Screen Share Button Color In Calls
  • [Fixed] Backup/Restore Issues In Android 13+
  • [Fixed] Crash In Calls History On Some Phones
  • [Fixed] Date Bubble Not Showing Clearly When Scrolling
  • [Fixed] Some Text Not Showing On White Theme During Calls
  • [Misc] Ghost Mode Now Takes Priority Over Custom Privacy
  • [Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements

Advanced Customization Options

A feature has been added which you can customize everything, such as icons, fonts, and themes. With all these facilities, you don’t need to root your phone while installing.

Different Icons

If you want to upgrade the fun of your app, try to find features not present in the official app. One of these features is the availability of different types of icons from which you can select any of your choice, and their number is around a dozen.

Message Scheduling

Every culture has many vital celebrations, festivals, and special days on which you want to congratulate the people. And yes, it can be challenging to remember all of them and send timely messages. Therefore, seeing the difficulties of its users, this feature has made this task equal to a walk in the park. You can schedule messages for a specific date and time. When the time comes, messages will be sent to the target person.

DND Mode

Being constantly online and receiving messages at any time can be distracting, whether working or studying. So now WhatsApp Plus Pro has come up with a solution by adding a new feature: DND mode (Do Not Disturb), which stops internet access to this app as long as this mode remains enabled. In this way, no one can disturb you.

Hide Media from Gallery

WhatsApp’s media display in the phone’s gallery may be a privacy concern for some. So, using this feature, you can hide your images, videos, or any other media from your gallery and secure your privacy.

WhatsApp Lock

You will be happy to hear that the app has added a security feature in the updated version in which you can lock a specific chat. All these features can benefit you if you want to protect your privacy. So, using this, you can secure your messages with the help of a pin, pattern, or fingerprint lock.

Hide Online

Hide online is a valuable feature that allows you to hide your online status from others. Sometimes, it is difficult to tell anyone even when you are online, especially if you don’t want to chat. So this problem has been solved, and you can hide your online availability.


There is often a fear of banning WhatsApp in mod versions. Similarly, this app is also a mod version. But it has an unblocked feature that protects your Android APK from any ban, so you can use it without worrying.

App Language

This feature allows you to use the app in the language of your choice, which is convenient for any language speaker. They can easily use specific language, they understand.

Ads Free

The app is free of ads, so you won’t have to worry about third-party advertising that may bother you.

Voice Changer

This app has a built-in feature called voice changer, using which you can send audio messages using any custom voice.

Downloading details of WhatsApp plus APK on Android

Last update:

1 Day Ago

Requirements4.3 and up
LanguageSupport Multi-Language

How to update WhatsApp Plus to Unlock New Features

If you want to take it up a notch and enhance the functionality of your app, then you have to update it regularly. I am going to give a quick and safe guide:

  • Open your Plus Messenger, go to More, then Settings, Chats, and Chat Backup. Select where you want to back up (Gmail, phone storage, or memory card) and press Backup.
  • Go to your phone’s Settings, find Apps, select WhatsApp Plus, and tap Uninstall.
  • Download the real and latest version from a legal site like, which provides a direct download link and does not use a local server like MediaFire.
  • Open and install the file after downloading.
  • Enter your phone number and a verification code.
  • You will get the Restore option. Select and restore the Backup you created in the first step.
  • Finally, you can enjoy the app on your mobile device.
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Download WhatsApp Plus On Your Pc

You can also run the Plus App on your PC, like on an Android device. But for this, you need emulators and third-party software. So, if you want to run on the big screen, follow the steps below. There are many emulators on the internet to do this, but BlueStacks rises above the rest, so you must try it.

  • First, download Bluestacks to your computer or Windows and log in through your account.
  • Now download APK Plus.
  • Open BlueStacks and install the app.
  • Add your phone number to WhatsApp and verify it.
  • So now you need to connect your phone and your PC, for which you click on the Link A Device option from your phone.
  • Finally, scan the QR code from your phone; thus, your PC and Android device will be connected.
  • So now you will be able to run the best WhatsApp for PC.
using plus messenger for pc through bluestacks

How To Use WhatsApp Plus Pro On iOS

Apple, or the iPhone, is known for its strong security. You cannot run any modded version. WhatsApp Plus needs an IPA file to run the app on the iPad, which has not yet been created by its developers. But this does not mean it will never be used on the iPhone. The best thing for you is that its developers are as busy as beavers preparing its IPA file, and you can use it as soon as it is ready.

Meet the WhatsApp Mod’s Developers

All credit goes to Rafalete for pulling out all the stops to develop WhatsApp MODs. This app looks like a single app, but it has three mods, which 3 different developer companies have created. Among them, the 1st is AlexMods, the 2nd is FouadMods, and the 3rd is HeyMods. So I would like to give you information about these 3 mods separately, so you can easily understand their advantages.

Features of AlexMods:

Regarding WhatsApp mods, AlexMods is a developer company that cannot be ignored. It is skilled in creating WhatsApp scripts and has created some awesome mods that have taken the market by storm, and WhatsApp Plus is one of them. Here are some features that will make you want to download AlexMods right away.

  • Hide chats
  • Hide Last seen
  • Hide Online Status
  • Status download
  • Group admin control
  • Scheduling messages
  • App Lock

Features of FouadMods:

If you want to add more features to the app, Fouad Mods has created the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK, which is full of unlimited features. So download it officially and enjoy more communication facilities. Why should you be inclined toward this app? The features given below are proof of this.

  • Interacting messages
  • User-friendly App interface
  • Group admin control
  • Hide Last seen
  • Hide Online Status
  • Increase the image-sending limit
  • Large sharing size of files
  • A comprehensive collection of WhatsApp’s stickers

Features of HeyMods:

If you want additional WhatsApp features and a customizable interface, then GB WhatsApp by HeyMods can be a good choice. But one thing to remember is that there are also issues like security bugs. So, it’s up to you to decide whether its features have more value as compared to their cons. Here are some essential features that are included in HeyMods.

  • Interacting messages
  • Anti Ban
  • Status download
  • More Animated Stickers
  • Group admin control
  • Get in touch with your contacts
  • Hide chats
  • DND mode
  • Last seen
  • Hide Online Status
  • The WhatsApp text story can contain up to 250 words
  • Large sharing size of files
  • Pin more than 1000 chats
  • A comprehensive collection of WhatsApp sticker packages
  • Exclusive interface themes

Screen Shots

backup and restore in whatsapp plus version 17
bubble and ticks interface of official plus
chat interface of official plus whatsapp

WhatsApp Plus News In 2024

Despite being a mod version, its popularity is increasing with each passing day. The main reasons are its regular updates and the best features. Due to this, it is being used a lot, even in the current year 2024.

Personal Experience And Reviews

I have been using this app with my team without issues for the past 4 years, and it’s been smooth sailing. We have found it as a reliable and secure messaging app with several useful features, like seeing who has viewed your status, scheduling messages, sending larger files, and many more that I have already described in the article. So, if you are looking for a messaging app offering more customization and privacy options, free Plus WhatsApp is a great option.

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Availability of many themes, fonts, and colours to personalize the interface.
  • For greater privacy, hide the online status and blue ticks.
  • Custom notification sounds and different colours are available for individual contacts.
  • You can send high-quality photos and videos.
  • You can schedule messages to be sent automatically at a selected time.
  • Download WhatsApp status from contacts.
  • Sharing larger files.


  • Not authorized by Official WhatsApp, which may cause some security risks.
  • Downloading APKs from untrusted sources may create malware or data leakage risks.
  • There is an increased risk of account suspension by WhatsApp when terms and conditions are violated.


It is a mod of the original app that gives many features like themes, a large file-sharing facility, and privacy control. But be careful! If you downloaded it from an unofficial website, this app is not secure, your account may be banned, and your data may be stolen.

Yes, you can run this app safely on Android and Windows. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to download this app from an authoritative and trusted website like

Version 17.80 is the latest version of this app, which is very popular because of its pro features. Many new features have been added to it. So, download the latest version and enjoy its updated features.

Here are many mod versions of WhatsApp on the internet, but if compared by reviews or functions, there is no alternative to Plus APK.

You can unhide WhatsApp chat by following some steps below:

  • First, open WhatsApp on your device and scroll to the end of the chat.
  • Here, click on the option Archived Chats.
  • Now, press for some time on the chat you want to unhide.
  • In the next step, you’ll be presented with an UnArchive Chat pop-up and tap on it.
  • Finally, you will be able to unhide the WhatsApp chat.

You can back your chat to Google Drive by following the steps:

  • First, open the app.
  • Click on the 3-dot menu.
  • Now, go to Chats and click on Chat Backup.
  • Choose the option of Back up to Google Drive.
  • Select a backup map (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • Finally, select the Google account that you want to use for backup.
  • Click on Back up to save your WhatsApp chat to Google Drive.


WhatsApp Plus is an important app for those who want many new features in their messenger and are looking to take it up a notch, like better customization, many wallpapers, and many more features. I have informed you about the pros and cons of using it so that nothing is hidden from you. So, if you want to be protected from minor damages, you should use its updated version, which can be downloaded from the direct link at the start of this page.

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